oh well

Theres nothing harder in this world than heart break. I don’t know what i’d of done this past week without my friend Laura. 
It’s times like these you realise who your real friends are, where you want to be in life and who you want to grow into as a person. Life is about getting back up after you’ve been knocked down and making sure you don’t make the same mistake again. You only live once there’s no point in dwelling in the past. 

Counting the days…

2014 is nearly upon us I count every second. Next year will be better than this year. I Will not fuck up. I will not make rash decisions without any thought that will ruin everything. I will look after my friends more and make sure i’m there when they say they’re okay and really they’re dying inside.

I will not take for granted everything I have and face my problems head on. 

2014 will be a positive year. Negativity no longer exists. 

Back to ones self!

Currently feeling hungry…. 
Got my life back on track…. Panic over. 
Started snowboarding….. I’m just fucking awesome. (jokes)
Now a Fully fledged drum teacher.
Left a band…. can’t deal with arrogant people. 
Got a beautiful girl friend…..
Seriously starving now…


Social Media

I’ve decided to delete all social media for a month I just can’t remember my password for tumblr to delete it…. lmfao! 


They missed out “whale kisses” *laughs to self* … Good memories :)

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Ron pope :)

One word… Fail!